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The Raven's Scrawl: Issue #22, February 2019 in Review

Balkaria / Mar 04, 2019
Hau, Stonewind!

The snows have finally begun to cede, revealing new life to a world still yet plagued by war. The village chugs along in earnest, though watches closely the goings-on around them.

With that, we get to the latest news.

First, a few IC updates.

The Colony Cometh

An early spring cleaning turned from storage sorting to mass infestation investigation. After overhearing a commotion in the stables, the Tribe’s animals were found being harassed by a gaggle of Virmen. Or, rather, the Virmen were being harassed by the Tribe’s animals. Kicked by a hippogryph and made play-thing by a tiger, the Virmen were quickly dispatched as the cleaners came in to sweep up the rest.

Once the store room was equally deemed rodent-free, a group of trackers located a small burrow on the north side of the village. The lack of tiger made pest-control more of a challenge this time around, but group made short work of it none-the-less. However, more tracks led on, revealing a much, much larger Virmen nest deeper in the hills. Electing not to face an entire colony at once, the trackers set traps and retreated for the time being. Plans are in the works on how to deal with this invasion from the south.

Which begs the question, how the hell did Virmen get to Stonetalon?

A Regiment of Rags: Expedition Update

Led by one restless hunter, the Expedition continued on to rendezvous with the elf’s group. Along the way, they were met by two parties. The first was a party of one; a young elf quickly identified by Raithlel as his adventurous son. The second was a far less welcome sight; a contingent of Horde soldiers. Not wanting to have to explain their presence or current company, the group elected to conceal themselves until the march had passed. Sending a scout to see the soldiers out of view, the Expedition continued on to the makeshift camp.

The camp was a ragtag mix of the down-trodden. Elves, humans, and even a dwarf, were now met by Stonewind’s own peculiar group: Tauren, Pandaren, and a monkey to boot. Though the camp’s denizens were understandably wary, caution gave way to pragmatism as the Expedition offered to assist in their plight. In the days that followed, the camp’s supplies were brought to a less distressing state, while Stonewind’s healers went about tending to weary or wounded. Doubts dispelled, the mood of the camp slowly turned to optimism. Now that their immediate survival was less in jeopardy, the group could focus its attention westward, towards a promise of safe harbour.

Tall Tails of Stonewind

Stonewind toons, OOC and restless.

Word on the Feather

  • The Chieftess has been practicing making rice balls and has amassed a small mountain of them. Anyone willing to help reduce said mountain is invited to do so.
  • Tribemates are asked to dispose of and replace any cleaning supplies that have been in contact with raw entrails. Some of our more predatory stabled beasts have been found gnawing on brushes and brooms again.


Tukato Spiritchaser has gone through the rights and accepted his new position as Sage, here after known as the High Farseer of Stonewind. He will be leading the Ravens going forward, and any matters concerning such should be brought to him.

General Announcements

  • Any questions about guild Advancement should be brought to Tukato (Ravens), Talaweha (Hunters), or Eyonita (Braves).
  • If you ever have ANY issues or concerns, especially within the guild, PLEASE reach out to one of the officers! Seriously, if you are feeling at all uncomfortable with anything going on, go to the officer you feel most comfortable interacting with and give your voice. We want everyone to feel welcome here. Speak up and we'll do our best!

Winds be at your back!


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