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The Raven’s Scrawl Edition 2: Issue #3, March 2017 in Review

Balkaria / Apr 03, 2017
Citizens of Azeroth Stonewind!

Spring has officially sprung, and with it the promise of things to come! This season’s Dance of the Earthmother officially marked off the coming of new life, and provided and excellent excuse to drink and dance far more than was necessary.

It’s been a busy few weeks for everyone, and that’s unlikely to slow down. So let’s get to it!

First off, some updates about IC goings on.


With the conflict at Glacierhorn under control, Stonewind has shifted their efforts westward to the Feltotem threat. Joining up with the forces out of Thunder Totem, an outpost was quickly established and a joint effort to evacuate civilians was put forward.

Or, rather, it would have, if their arrival had been timelier. Upon arrival, the plan of evacuating a nearby village was shattered by a Feltotem massacre already underway. Stonewind put up a valiant effort, but their foes’ numbers were legion. Forced into retreat, with the handful of surviving villagers in toe, the commander of the invasion reveal him to them; a grisly, fel-pocked Shu’halo. Perhaps hoping to provoke, perhaps hoping to intimidate, he went on to goad the Stonewind fighters as they fled, revealing that not only was he responsible for the destruction of the Rivermane village they had rescued prior, but that he in fact had a hand in death of Tahkomé, late uncle of the Chieftess.

After a brief time to mourn and regroup, Stonewind and Thunder Totem both plan the next move. Reconnaissance efforts have born fruit, and it will soon be time to go on the offensive.


Chieftess Taeana Palehorn passed a new milestone this month! Responding to the summons from an old master and friend, she and her young son Tawa made the trip to the Wandering Isles. There, she was given a trial by vision, to prove her readiness to take on the title of Master. She succeeded, and was granted a symbol of hope in return; a beautiful staff in the likeness of Chi-Ji.


Meanwhile, village life took a strange turn when the plight of a young Shu’halo turned pious. Frustrated by her Brave training, Mishwe turned to what transpired to be a cult. Her reverie of the faith’s leader, and supposed power she gained through him, took a far darker turn when it became evident that she was doing herself harm in the name of An’she.

After several attempts to intervene by her sister, and other concerned members of the tribe, she fled the village to be with her new “family”. Several Braves, along with a few willing volunteers, were dispatched to retrieve her. They were successful, though blood was shed enough. The cult leader was presumed dead after being thrown in a lake, and Mishwe was returned to the village, though had little say in the matter herself. With time to recover, and a different kind of help from Stonewind, perhaps she will find another way to mark her place in life, and find the balance that she has been missing.


It has come to our attention that while we’ve been putting much of our RP efforts towards the campaign in Highmountain, many guild mates have been hoping to re-establish the village as our main base for RP, especially for those who cannot, or would prefer not to, participate in the events of the Broken Isles.

On a whole, we feel that this is probably a good direction to take. However, unlike during the WoD content drought, walk-up RP in the village has become far more limited simply due to all of the content in this expansion.

So, if we’re going to get RP in Stonetalon back up to a livelier pace, we’re going to have to be proactive about it. In the upcoming months, we will try to provide specific times in the village for “drop in” RP. Keep an eye on the calendar!

And, of course, we could use your help! If you have something that you want to do with your character, whether it’s a story arc or a one-off battle or even learning how to knit, post it on the calendar! Character stories are a great way to get to know the different people in the tribe, and provide a better setting for RP than we can do on our own. If there’s a type of RP that you want to see more of, or want to make events so that your character, as well as others, can grow, go for it! Don’t be afraid to take a stab at it yourself, and please do not hesitate to ask for help if needed! The more people we have contributing, in whatever way they want to (Or are able to. Aren’t RL responsibilities fun?), the more we can do as an RP guild.


A reminder from the Chieftess that the herb garden is for growing medicine and spices, not smoking herbs.

Anyone coming to speak with High Raven Balkaria is asked not to go to her tent in the thicket, as Nokee is still having difficulties with new faces. Please arrange a time in the village instead.


  • The Huntmaster is coordinating the tribal hunts every second week, and encourages all to attend. Keep an eye on the calendar!
  • Village security has become more of a priority in light of recent events. Anyone wishing to pitch in on patrols should seek out the Sage Warden ((see RP quests for more details)).
  • In a bid to give the tribal feathers a more personal touch, Taeana has introduced progression markings for Raven feathers! Tribe members will now have different markings and symbols adorning their feathers based on the merits they have earned. Click here to find out more!


  • The village (Sun Rock Retreat) will still be our main RP hub on Kalimdor.
  • We’ll be using the area north of the Sylvan Falls flight path as our RP hub for the current campaign events (Feltotem Watch proxy)
  • Check Discord for new RP quests each week! Don’t know what an RP quest is? Not in the Discord channel yet? Ask an Elder for a link and come find out!
  • If you ever have ANY issues or concerns, especially within the guild, PLEASE reach out to one of the officers! Seriously, if you are feeling at all uncomfortable with anything going on, go to the officer you feel most comfortable interacting with and give your voice. We want everyone to feel welcome here. Speak up; we’re here to help!


The tribe would like to congratulate Mishwe and Daralani on taking their vows to become full tribemates!

As always, winds be at your back!


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