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What kind of RP do you guys do?
We like to have our RP based in Character interaction and development. Much of our RP is focused in Stonetalon Mountains, though we do often travel to nearby areas (either ICly or as proxy for a change in scenery). A lot of our RP is regulated to scheduled events, some recurring, others building based on current storylines.

Additionally, we prefer to, as much as possible, keep as sense of realism in our RP. This can include distance and travel, crafting time/materials, animal interaction, and character ability (see below).

When do you usually RP?
Most tribe events start at 7pm or 8pm Server Time (CST) and last a few hours. Random RP and other events often happen around this same time, though there are usually a couple people available most times of the day.

What kind of Characters work well in the Tribe?
We are first and foremost a Tauren Tribe and village. As such, Tauren (and all subraces of) are the most readily able to find home with us. All characters assist in the day-to-day of living in a village. We have crafters, fighters, healers, spiritualists, hunters, cooks, and more! For information on non-tauren in the Tribe, click here.

In line with that setting, we keep the ‘power feel’ of our characters much lower than many other groups. We are not ‘great adventurers’ or ‘champions of Azeroth’, but rather simple cow-folk living and working to keep their home safe. We of course face challenges and can hold our own, but Stonewind is not a home for the great and powerful or glory-seekers. See this forum for details.

Are you guys part of the Horde?
No. While tauren mechanically must be Hordeside, ICly the Tribe is officially neutral and not associated with Orgrimmar, the Warchief, or even under the command of Thunder Bluff. We welcome and assist peoples of all races and factions and do not fight for or economically support one side or the other.

So you guys are isolationist?
Absolutely not. Stonewind is not impervious to politics and conflicts of Azeroth (particularly now). We may be officially neutral, but it can often become more complicated than simply saying "not our problem" when conflict finds it way to us.

How do I join?
To join us, you'll need to apply on our website (top left corner). Be sure to read the Guild Rules &Regulations. Once you have done this, you can join the Discord as a Prospective member.

You'll also need to RP with us in game for a few hours, culminating in asking to (or being offered to) join the Tribe and live in the village. You'll then receive an in-game guild invite and be on your way to becoming a full Tribemate!
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