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Welcome to the Village Food Inventory! Please be sure to keep the door closed to keep the cool air in and the rodents out.

Current Resources: Inactive
If the inventory hits zero, then it will become inactive. It will be reactivated upon any new contributions.

Last updated: 08/08/18

About the Food Inventory
The village food inventory gives a rough tally of how much food the village has at any one point in time. As a hunter/gatherer society, the Tauren people rely heavily on these stores to see them through the lean times. Anyone can contribute to the food supplies.

Adding to the Inventory
All food supplies must come from STONEWIND RP. Any goods that your character gets that is not from active in-game RP should have some sort IC post to the Discord #villageinventory channel of what your character did offscreen. This can be in the form of a short story or even a journal. Some things to keep in mind:

  • Large contributions must come from active RP OR be coordinated by multiple people as off-screen RP OR represent a significant investment of time/effort in writing on the part of a single player (examples: Group hunts for large game, farming a patch of land by keeping a journal over the growing season, trading trips to a major city).
  • Small contributions from off screen RP can be accepted with a short post in Discord, but please keep it within reason (examples: a basket of berries or small game hunted locally).
  • The emphasis should be on goods acquired by characters in the tribe through village life, not through outside sources. This is less of an issue if it is done as in-game RP, as any efforts to spur more interaction will be given much more creative license.

Here are some ways that characters can contribute to the food supplies. This is by no means an exhaustive list. Feel free to get creative, but please keep it realistic. The food (or the gold used to purchase it) cannot come out of thin air. You should be able to say how your character acquired.

Hunting: This can be for small, medium, or big game. The larger the kill, the more resources it earns. We strongly encourage players to use the guild hunting system to conduct RP hunts, even if they wind up happening off screen.

Gardening: Though Stonetalon Mountains aren't ideal for agriculture, some fruits, vegetables, and especially grains can be grown in small plots within the village. This is both time and labour intensive, however. Crops will also be sensitive to seasonal changes, so bare that in mind before your character tries to grow tomatoes in the dead of winter.

Gathering: Wild plants, roots, mushrooms, berries, and more can be found regionally throughout Stonetalon Mountains. Like gardening, this will be very seasonal, but there will usually be something to eat out there if the character is knowledgeable enough.

Trading: Bartering goods for other goods is a fine tradition of the Shu'halo. A well-tanned pelt might be enough for a barrel of apples or even a sack of grain if a character is persuasive. Keep in mind who you are trading to, and what they might have to offer to you in return. A fruit vendor in Orgrimmar might be quite happy to trade you a bunch of bananas for a fresh haunch of zhevra. On the other hand, you might not get more than a scoff and a hand wave if you tried the same trade in Silvermoon for some mana buns.

Buying: Stonewind does not keep a lot of gold on hand. As a result, goods will likely have to be sold at market before the character has enough money to buy something from the city vendors. While characters can use their own money, please be realistic about how much gold your character will have ICly. The gold must come from somewhere, and looting corpses doesn't really work for RP.

All contributions must be posted on the Inventory Discord channel so that it can be added to the inventory.

Taking from the Inventory
Stonewind village uses 10 points of food per day just as a baseline. Celebrations and random events such as accidents or theft will also deplete the food supplies a certain amount. If your character wishes to take more from the supplies for a specific event, they should ask the Mother Raven for permission before doing so. (Your character could steal from the supplies, but risks getting caught and possibly punished for it.)

How many points is each food item worth?

A solid list of what is worth what is still a work in progress. Right now, we're estimating the value of a food item based on how much of the daily food cost it covers. For example, a kodo is enough meat to feed the entire village for several days. The points system is not exact, and there will be times where an item is worth more or less than it should be. We will adjust the list of values as we go as we see what works and what doesn't.

Why is there a maximum number of resources?

Stonewind village has a limited amount of food storage areas. With the village using a baseline of 10 units of food per day, 1000 resource is enough food to last several months. Bearing in mind, this doesn't include the resources that we will need to use for festivals and celebrations.

What's with the pie?

The chart shows about how much of each food type we currently have in stock. This is to try to add a bit more realism to the inventory. The village needs a balanced diet to keep healthy. If we have lots of resources, but very little of it is fruits and vegetables, then that might mean a trip out to a major city is due to barter some of our game for greens.

Why aren't there separate points for each type of food? Wouldn't that be more realistic?

Right now, it would simply be too complicate to have a comprehensive list of every specific thing we have in stock. Even having separate points for each food type would raise questions as to how much of each we use daily, which is more than we can keep track of for the moment. As a result, we're having to take a more "garrison" approach to resources. Future inventories are likely to be more specific. It's just for the food inventory that we're having to generalize a bit out of practically.
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