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Khorris, down at the forward watch post, called in that there was a small group of Feltotem heading up the road. Responding, Faluna'he, Seruska, Gvnigeyona, and Daralani marched down to help if needed.

Preparing to ambush them, something seemed off about their approach. They weren't heavily armed, and looked almost nervous. So instead, Luna and Dara stepped out into the path to confront them.

There were five, and the apparent leader of them, Kamtaur, spoke up. They were defectors from the Feltotem camp, escaping after being forced to drink the fel blood.

After much discussing and deliberation, it was agreed and the deserters were brought back to the watchtower post. We'll have to get to know these Feltotem more and see if they are trustworthy!
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