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While the main force from Thunder Totem assaulted the forward gates of a feltotem village, the Tribe was tasked with taking out the leader in the back of the village. Charging their way across the back entrance bridge, they quickly took out the rear guard and planted explosives on the bridge underside.

Moving into the village, Seruska scouted ahead and created damage and distraction by igniting a pile of explosives! The rest of the Tribe plowed in and finished them off before charging up the hill.

In the leaders tent they faced the chief feltotem and a demon! Fearless, they attacked! Khorris diverted damage while Khar'huk kept the others revitalized.

The battle waged, through waves of fel fire and mind-rending roars, but the tribe came out victorious and ran to escape the village still under siege!

Like the wind, the world is constantly changing.
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