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Upon taking their oath to be offcially part of the Stonewind Tribe, each Tribemate is given an enchanted Raven Feather. The enchantment allows all Tribemates to speak to eachother over great distances through the aid of the Air.

This feather is also painted as a way to show each Tribemate's achievements and time in Tribe.

All Tribemate feathers are painted first with the Mountain, the symbol of Stonewind. This is a tan chevron near the tip.

When a Tribemate chooses a branch of the Tribe (Brave, Raven, or Hunter) their feather gains the symbol of that Branch.

For every season that a Tribemate is in the Tribe, they will receive a dot denoting that season. These dots are given at the Equinox/Solstice Festival, or the Advancement Ceremony closest to them.

Tribemates can also earn Stripes by performing great deeds in service to the Tribe. There are three colors denoting diffrent kinds of deeds:

Strength (Tan): Physical and martial skill, protection, valor, and morale
Providence (White): Care and guidance of peers, resources, nature, and elements.
Grace (Teal): Showing great mercy, exceptional skill or craftsmanship.

Here is an example feather:

Further years and deeds in service will continue to fill a Tribemate's feather. If a feather becomes full, an addtional un-enchanted raven feather will be granted so more seasons and deeds can be recorded.

Warbrave, Great Hunter, and High Raven feathers are tipped with white, denoting their achievement in the Tribe.

Sages carry an additional feather attached to a string of beads to denote their leadership in the Tribe. This feather is taken from an animal of their choosing, usually one that embodies their ideals and personality.
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