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The Stonewind Tribe

The Stonewind Tribe strives to balance tradition with progress. Ceremony and ritual play a large part in the day-to-day village life of all Tribemates. Our dwellings are modest, with lodges and tents making up the bulk of our sprawling village nestled in the mountains of Stonetalon. Our connection with the land we call home runs deep, and will defended it to our last. We welcome all who wish to embrace our way of life, and make it theirs in turn. Among our ranks include Shu’halo of all backgrounds, as well as several members of other races, know as Oathsworn, wishing to live and learn by the Tauren people.

We strive to maintain a peaceful and balanced life for ourselves, our families, and for the generations to come. We protect and maintain the southern valleys of Stonetalon, both its elements, fauna, and flora. We defend our hunting grounds, the roads and travelers through our territory, and aid those in need.

Stonewind abides by the traditional tribal structure of the Shu’halo people. It is led by a Chieftess, who then appoints Sages, the leaders of the Tribe. The sages call upon the best of the Tribe to take the mantles of Warbrave, High Raven , or Great Hunter as aids to the leadership and the Tribemates.

While every member of the tribe should feel like they have a voice to contribute, it is expected that those in senior positions be treated with the respect fitting of their position. All matters regarding the welfare of the Tribe should be brought before the leadership prior to taking any actions that might affect the well-being of Stonewind. This includes assuming patrol routes, hunting for more than oneself, or engaging in combat.

While the Tribe associates closely with Thunder Bluff and other tauren, Stonewind is officially neutral when it comes to Horde/Alliance relations. The Stonewind Tribe is friend, help, and accepting of all goodly peoples, be them Horde or Alliance, well known or stranger. We open our village and our abilities to all that would request aid from us with need and good cause.

We swear no oaths nor sign papers proclaiming that a certain group's friendship is more important or honoured higher than another's. We proclaim and keep our friendships through our actions, not through words or documents.

We only give higher regard to protecting our Tribe and our homeland, for we must first be strong ourselves before we can be of beneficial assistance to others.

Water binds us all. It is the life that weaves us together. It is the strength that leads us to great things. It soothes, it heals, and yet is can be as furious as the other elements. Use it's wisdom, and let the waters guide you.
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