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Thunder Bluff Storytelling

Date: Apr 22, 2017 - switch instance
Time: 06:00 PM
Posted by: Taeana Palehorn
Category: Meetings
On the 9th of May, Saturday, at 6pm server time, the Stonewind Tribe will be hosting a storytelling event in Thunder Bluff around the ceremonial Bonfire! Food will she shared, friends will be made, and stories both mythical and personal shall be passed around for all to hear and share!

Come! Join us in passing our oral history and memory from generation to generation! From race to race of this great family we call the Horde!

The Ceremonial Fire is on the highest rise of the central plateau in front of Baine's tent. One of the Stonewind Tribe leaders will open the event, greeting all who have come. Any who wish may stand by the fire and tell a tale, factual, fantastical, legend, humorous, sorrowful, from their own lives or others.

Share your stories and listen to others!

We use /s and /e to tell stories. Note that those on trial accounts cannot be heard by those over level 30 on those channels. So unfortunately, they cannot share directly.


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