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Monthly Bazar and Lunar Festival

Date: Apr 01, 2017 - switch instance
Time: 08:00 PM
Category: Meetings
The golden eye of the Earthmother sinks low into the sky, taking with her the high heat of the impending summer. The red rock mountains of Stonetalon are bathed in her dying light, creating harsh lines between brilliant gold and crimson illumination and cooling blue and purple shadow. As An’she moves lower, ending her journey across the sky, pinpricks of light begin to faintly appear in the gloaming hours.

This is Mu’sha’s time. Rising into the sky, swollen and heavy, she casts her pale light upon the world, giving hope in the dark that swallows Kalimdor. The crickets chirp and sing her praises as moon flowers begin to unwind and blossom, their delicate petals graced with her peaceful gaze. On this night, Mu’sha’s push is strongest, infusing the world with her magics, rewarding the patient with her majesty and power.

Beneath the full moon, the Stonewind Tribe gathers, setting their tents and preparing for the celebration at hand; the Lunar Bazaar.


The Lunar Bazaar is a new, community centered RP event lead by the Stonewind Tribe. Each month on the full moon, all are welcome to attend the Bazaar and its adjoining festival. The evening will start with the Bazaar itself, a trade/market style event in which all may participate.

Vendors and buyers may use GHI items for trading as well as in-game items, but in the spirit of the Tauren tradition, we suggest buying and selling without actual game gold. We hope this leads to some interesting haggling and creative methods of bargain.

Once the Bazaar ends, the Festival begins. There will be a feast as well as dancing. Those wishing to pay their respects to Mu’sha will be presented with a seedling to be planted later in the evening. Those who participate in this homage to the Earthmother will be presented with a special gift from the Stonewind Tribe (GHI required).

For further information, please whisper Ikita or Taeana in game. Hope to see you all there!


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