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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
(Mar 12, 2017)
(Mar 12, 2017)
(Mar 12, 2017)
Moo *nods*
(Mar 11, 2017)
(Jan 31, 2017)
*hugs all the moos*
(Dec 31, 2016)
Hello! It's good to join you.
(Dec 29, 2016)
Sorry i haven't been on WoW the last couple days. Star Craft bug got me >.>
(Dec 26, 2016)
Hello c:
(Dec 24, 2016)
If you havne't gotten your Chibi yet, just poke me!
(Dec 16, 2016)
Poll up for Healing Lessons on what day event should beee!
(Dec 11, 2016)
Y'all are wonderful, keep being awesome!
(Dec 02, 2016)
made it back in
(Dec 02, 2016)
yeah.... and it stopped responding.... thanks Blizzard
(Dec 02, 2016)
oh is that where you went? haha
(Dec 02, 2016)
I just made the mistake or porting into Dalaran.. this will take a while
(Dec 02, 2016)
Im often on alts as well. I'll keep an eye out for you though on my alts!
(Dec 02, 2016)
I've been usually online 8:30-12a weeknights. Weekends are more up in the air
(Dec 02, 2016)
Weekdays I don't normally get home until after 8pm server.
(Dec 01, 2016)
Haha what hours are you usually online? Also, you can whisper any Elder as well! :D
(Dec 01, 2016)
I swear, I can never log in when you are online, Taena