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Each brawler has 4 HP. If you reach 0 you lose the match.

A match will last no more than 10 real time minutes. If at 10 minutes, neither brawler is at 0 HP, the brawler with more HP will be declared the winner. If there is a tie for HP, then the match is a draw.

The match starts with each brawler bowing to each other and rolling 20 ( /roll 20 ). Higher roll attacks first.

The attacker (brawler A) emotes their attempted attack and rolls d20. The defender (brawler B) rolls d20 and emotes either taking the hit (if his roll was lower) or dodge/deflect (if his roll was higher) as well as his attempted counter-attack.

Brawler B then rolls d20 for his attack. Brawler A rolls d20 to defend, then emotes the result and his counter-attack.

Rounds repeat until either one brawler reaches 0 HP or 10 real time minutes have passed.

If you roll a d20 while making an attack, you deal 1 extra damage.

If you roll a d20 while defending, you deal 1 damage during the dodge/deflect and then get to attack.

All ties are always re-rolled.


Adahey v Taeana

Ada rolls 15
Tae rolls 10

Ada attacks first.

“Adahey lunches forward, swinging a punch at Tae’s shoulder.”

Ada rolls: 19
Tae rolls: 3
(Ada’s attack hits)

“Taeana tires to turn to the side, but his large fist still connects. She moves with it and swings her leg up to kick his side”

Tae HP: 3 Ada HP: 4
Tae rolls: 12
Ada rolls: 14
(Tae’s attack misses)

“Adahey catches her leg and tries to trip her onto the ground.”

Tae HP: 3 Ada HP: 4
Ada rolls: 2
Tae rolls: 20
(Ada’s attack misses, and Tae does 1 damage on her defense)

“Taeana flips with his motion, landing on her hooves. She closes the distance between them and jabs him quickly in the jaw, then again in the stomach.”

Tae HP: 3 Ada HP: 3
Tae rolls: 11
Ada rolls: 7
(Taeana’s attack hits)

“Adahey is hit by both attacks, growling as he regains his balance. Wind knocked out of him, he still tries to counter and throws a punch.”

Tae HP: 3 Ada HP: 1
Ada rolls: 18
Tae rolls: 9
(Ada’s attack hits)

“Taeana takes the hit to her shoulder, and rolls with it again, twisting around to double jab at his side.”

Tae HP: 2 Ada HP: 1
Tae rolls: 5
Ada rolls: 3
(Tae’s attack hits)

“Adahey grunts as her fists meet his flesh again. ‘Fine, I yield!’!”
Tae HP: 2 Ada HP: 0

Taeana wins
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