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“Mishwe? MISHWE!” Rhessi’s voice rang out in their tent. “Are you even listening to me?”

The black and brooding cow rolled her eyes at her sister. “Look, you’re not my mom, ok? If I want to go to a meeting, it’s MY decision. Anyway, these guys are awesome, and they’re getting me trained up to fight the Legion. What is your PROBLEM?”

Rhessi seethed. Why could Mishwe not understand her concerns? But it was a difficult slope to walk. Mishwe was right. Rhessi was not her mother, nor was she her guardian. Mishwe had officially come of age, and was beyond her sister’s physical control.

Well, if that meant Rhessi had to resort to blackmail, that’s what she would do. This was her little sister after all. Any means necessary could be justified in keeping her safe.

“Don’t you care about me? Don’t you care about the tribe? Why won’t you tell us what goes on in these meetings, or even where they are?”

Now it was Mishwe’s turn to fume. “Because it’s none of your business. Stop being so nosy. This is MY life. If you have to know, they’re Sunwalkers, ok? See? It’s fine. I might even take the vow.”

Rhessi’s mind boggled. Sunwalkers? Holding secret meetings? But suddenly she seized upon an opening. “Well, if they’re Sunwalkers, you should wait until your uncle Khorris gets back from the Isles and take him with you. They’ll want to meet him and know you have that family connection.”

“HE’S NOT MY UNCLE!” shouted Mishwe. “And I’m done waiting. Whatever, I’m done here. Do whatever you want. I’m going.”

As the tall and bulky Tauren exited the hut, Rhessi rubbed her temples. She was glad Tuan’le was outside skipping stones on the pond and wasn’t around to hear this yelling. That would be all she needed.

Rhessi picked up a scrap of parchment and a quill, beginning to furiously scribble a letter to her mate. “Khorris, she’s off to another meeting with that group she won’t tell me anything about. I’m really worried about this. She’s been at this for weeks. She won’t tell me anything about them other than they’re Sunwalkers. I tried to get her to wait until you got back and then ask you to come along but, you know how she gets. I think we need some help. I wish you were here, my Moon...”


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Rhessi appealed to Cindersleet to speak to Mishwe about her recent disappearances and odd behavior. Cinders was brought up short by the sullen and nasty attitude of the young cow, who quickly told her exactly what she thought. She had no intention of telling her anything.

Cinders returned to Rhessi and the two of them decided that it was time to bring this problem to the eldership of the tribe. Rhessi set off to see if she could find Balkaria or Taeana to ask their advice and assistance.


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Now she's got CINDERS to come try and get me to spill? An'she, give me strength.

A sinking, cold shivery feeling rushed down Mishwe's spine. She knew she had just had an impure, blasphemous thought. It would have to be confessed to Elder Hama. But first...

Mishwe stood from her position on the log where she had just sent Cinders packing. She would have to do this far enough away from the village that no one would see. It was getting harder and harder to disguise these things.

She casually strode off towards the hills surrounding the village. Just taking a walk.....

She looked over her shoulder every so often to make sure no one was following her. When she got far enough that she was convinced she would not be seen, she knelt down and adjusted one of her armored leg plates.

Underneath was a twisted length of wire, loosely encircling her leg. It had sharp, barbed points on it.

She took a deep breath and yanked on the wire until it bit into flesh. "I will not pray to An'she the glorious and almighty," she intoned under her breath. "The way to the light is through the Elder. I forget that to my peril." Drops of blood oozed around caked sores under the wire.

Impurities must be seared away. Only when she was pure, would she be worthy.



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A tearful Rhessi appealed to Balkaria and Taeana for help with her troublesome little sister. After much discussion and a calming infusion of tea, it was decided that Balkaria would approach the heifer and try to get some information out of her as to why she was acting so strangely and scaring her sister so..

She took a matter-of-fact approach, asking Mishwe to fill in her side of the story so she could understand more. Mishwe was recalcitrant, despite Balkaria's attempts to get her to open up..

The conversation took a strange turn when Mishwe said something inadvertently, and then looked horrified, yelled at Balk, and took off running into the woods. Balkaria stealthily followed her and observed her without her knowledge..

Mishwe was sitting on the ground, tugging at a wire around her thigh, causing festering sores to bleed once more. Balkaria promptly confronted her and asked her to explain..

Mishwe seemed to consider saying more than she ended up revealing. But distrust won out over hope. She did drop a few juicy clues before she took off into the woods, limping. Clues about "becoming pure" and about some... Prophet..

Balkaria returned to Taeana and Rhessi to report on what had happened, softening the news for Rhessi. Balkaria suggested that things had gone far enough and that Mishwe was a danger to herself. She suggested sending some Braves after her to bring her in..


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She’s gone.

She must have doubled back to the hut while we were talking in the main tent. I came back to the hut and all her belongings are missing: her sleeping furs, her clothes, even her polearm. She took the wyvern and left. We were too late.

There is just a simple note, one that I shudder to read.

“I have gone to become a Ray of the Sun. I shall return in due time, filled with the light and glory of An’she, blessed by the Prophet, and I will lead you all down the path! Rejoice!”

What does that mean?

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